Revision without the writing

I’m currently working with a GNVQ group (the last cohort to go through the qualification) and we’re covering Unit 5 which is an exam based unit about Informaiton Sources. Pupils need to learn how business communicate internally, externally, what departments there are and so on.

They’re a difficult group (picked from the lower end of the ability range) and they bring a lot of baggage to the lesson with them. I won’t go into details here in case anyone comes across this blog who knows me/them, but they can certainly make life difficult.

We had been discussing the different sections and making written notes (comprehension style) with the odd exercise thrown in for good measure (proof reading, etc.). It wasn’t particularly stimulating and, after a few weeks of this routine the class was getting restless – which is not good with a class like this.

Seeing as how I’ve recently taken over a suite of Macs (a mix of Intel iMacs, G4 eMacs and G3 iMacs) and a set of 3 DV cameras I thought it might be worth doing something a little more creative. We played around a little with Comic Life and then decided to let loose with any choice of media – podcasts, videos, animations, whatever the pupils decided would be fun. They were also given a choice of who to work with – individually, pairs, small groups…

So now we have 3 groups – 1 making a corporate advert (“Hi, I’m Troy McLure – you might remember me form such videos as…), 1 making a sit-com style sketch and 1 making a stop-motion/claymation animation. The results should be interesting as they’re getting the minimum input from me – but what was a sullen, unruly and apathetic bunch of pupils has suddenly turned into a highly motivated and energetic class. And I haven’t had so much fun in ages 😀

More to follow…


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