On The Blog of Mr. C the other day was a mention of something called a Thunk. A Thunk is basically a pilosophical question with no right or wrong answer – is a broken down car the same as a parked car? If I read part of a comic book in a shop, am I stealing?

I have shamelessly stolen the link with over a hundred Thunks on and have started using them on my tutor group first thing in a morning to get them woken up. I may also use the themed registers idea posted in the comments by Jude.

I also decided to expand my pupil blogs and now have a dedicated Thunks blog on there. Each fortnight (or so, depending on how busy the blog becomes) I’ll post a new (or shamelessly ripped ofF) Thunk for people to discuss. I’ve also press ganged and/or spammed a few forums, friends and colleagues (including a Philosophy teacher who couldn’t get away until he promised to get his class to join in next week).

Please join in the discussion and we’ll see where our Thunks will take us šŸ˜€


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