Stop-Motion Animation

Last year I was asked to help a fellow teacher who wanted to lead an animation club. I agreed and enjoyed it immensely. We went from a Digital Blue camera (horrible things, terribe user interface on the software side) to Logitech webcams that had some nice software bundled with them (forget the model but pricey @ £80 each).

This year I’ve managed to bag a trio of Canon MV890 DV cameras (but only two tripods, harumph), a suite of Macs and a site license for I Can Animate. We started this Monday with a new cohort (mostly Y7s but a couple of Y8s as well) who had been considerably trimmed down from the original applicants (we could have filled the room 3 times over, which is a comforting feeling).

Naturally I’ve started a blog to document what we’ve been doing and I’ll get the kids involved ASAP.

Pop along to the Egglescliffe Student Blogs for more details.

The next challenge is to have a good go at Chroma Keying (I’ve had a few experiments with sugar paper but could do with a better green/blue screen setup).

2 thoughts on “Stop-Motion Animation

    • TBH I never did.

      We’ve recently bought a couple of green screens – one pop up and one large sheet. We’ve used them with Y10 iMedia students to good effect (it’s a pretty simple process in Premiere and the results are OK if not amazing). I’m thinking of revisiting a stop-motion club in September so we’ll see what happens.

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