Could you do egg, bacon, spam and sausage but without the spam?

An ocdcasional Monty Python reference is inevitable I’m afraid, sorry πŸ™‚

I am thoroughly fed up with spam at the minute. On this blog I get the occasional spammy trackback, usually one of these cryptic ones where it’s hard to actually see the benefit for the spammer. What really annoys me is that over the last few days I’ve had over 60 spam trackbacks on my pupil blog. And not just common-or-garden spam trackbacks but really nasty gay porn type trackbacks.

Of course I can delete it, and I’m old enough and big enough to filter out the nasty stuff in my own head, but the poor 11 year old kids who log on to write about what their doing only to find that some *Β£%$ has essentially vandalised their work with obscene references are going to end up traumatised.

I’ve now expanded the blacklist fairly dramatically but I’m actually quite disheartened at the amount of time I’m having to spend going through and deleting 20 spam trackbacks. It seems B2E can only mass-delete comments when they’re from the same domain. I will stick with it though, I must stick with it πŸ™‚

#spam, spam, spam, spammety, spammey spam…


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