Damn my pro-activeness

I was skimming through my RSS feeds the other day when I came across a mention of mobile videos of teachers on YouTube. An hour of flicking through later, watching mostly American teachers venting at arrogant little shits, I decided to do some more carefully structured searching and came across some of the pupils from my school practising Parkour (the sport of jumping over walls and railings, similar to Free Running).

That in itself is fine but some of the clips were clearly taken on the school premises. So do I inform SMT that pupils are

  1. bringing in video phones (hardly news, admittedly) and
  2. practicing a potentially dangerous sport on school property

Or do I keep shtun?

Consider this. The videos show groups of up to a dozen teenage lads running around public, but uncrowded, areas performing some remarkable athletic and gymnastic maneuvres. Not happy slapping, shop lifting or joy riding. Not harassing innocent folk. Not leaving graffiti. Not damaging property. They’re getting fit, expressing themselves and enjoying themselves.

I could easily ignore the non-school related bits but if one of these lads breaks an ankle performing one of these stunts on-site then we’re potentially liable. Especially if I knew it was going on and did nothing to stop it.

Personally I want to encourage them. Professionally I can’t be seen to do that. The question is, do I actively discourage them? I suspect I will have a quiet word with one of the ring leaders with a view to keeping it off school premises, but I welcome your thoughts.


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