More coursework stress

I came home on Friday ready to post a rant on here, but decided to do the sensible thing and wait a couple of days to calm down. I have 2 Year 11 classes who should have completed 3 of their 4 coursework projects beofre their mock exams.
Instead I have 2 Year 11 classes who have completed 2 pieces of coursework, are between 50 and 90% through the third*. Having spent 4 months working on a spreadsheet project I had three girls last week ask me what a VLOOKUP was, and another one has gone the SUM() route – every test in her test plan included the word VLOOKUP (=VLOOKUP(B12+B13), =VLOOKUP(B13 * 1.175), etc.).

What worries me most is that if they can’t manage the third project in 14 weeks in the first term, how on Earth are they going to manage the fourth in an 11 week term? Especially when i want to use the last 3 weeks of that on theory?

The HoD says lots of short, tight deadlines that are strictly enforced with daily after-schoolies. It sounds like my stress free second term is going to be slightly more fraught than I had hoped.

I’m just trying to not to let myself get so stressed. I’ve done so much forehead-rubbing in the past week I’ve actually made a small hole. Still, only 3 teaching days left until I get two weeks off!
*Actually, I have one lad who is about 5% through (strangely, that’s also the mark he got on his mock exam)


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