Up and down…

I really can’t tell if I love Christmas or hate it.

In registration this morning I was given a really nicle bottle of red wine by one of the pupils, but then my Y11s are still so busy dragging their heels over coursework I think I’ll need the whole bottle just to get myself back to a state of equilibrium in terms of stress.

My tutor group received the most merits of any Y8 class in the school according to yesterday’s assembly, and yet they can’t get through an hour’s tutorial without 4 breaktime detentions and one chucking out.

I won a bottle of Scotch in the staff raffle and then get a snotty letter from a parent whose daughter has lost her PE kit and so she expects me to sort it out or she’ll have “no choice but to come into school” herself to “sort the matter out once and for all”*.

So am I enjoying Christmas, am I enjoying teaching at the minute? No and yes. On the one hand I have my wife forcing me to climb up ladders that look worryingly hampered by metal fatigue in a force 9 gale being pelted with hail stones knowing full well I’ll be back up there in a fortnight to get the decorations back down again, and on the other I have my animation club posting their car chases and zombie weddings online, Y8s signing at me across the playground and the new Jamie Oliver style school Christmas lunch to look forward to in about 10 minutes.

Yes I moan, yes I’m stressed and yes I’m fed up. Still, it wouldn’t be fun if it was easy 🙂

* Of course the PE kit was in lost property, where I told the girl to check 3 weeks ago. In fact it would have been passed to me by default had she bothered to put her name in it. Oh, I did enjoy writing the letter in reply.

One thought on “Up and down…

  1. Still, it wouldn’t be fun if it was easy
    Or if it was all fun they would not need to pay us;-)
    It is all the little things that get in the way of perfect plans that make the job interesting.

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