The obligatory seasonal post

Well, I can’t very well let the blog sit for a fortnight and I’ll be honest and say I haven’t done much school work in the past week.

I did spend a couple of days sorting out next term’s KS3 resources (a new spreadsheet unit employing much searching through Argos catalogues, a host of new websites for 8.3 [website reliability] which I may/may not get round to posting, a new database unit based on a hamster rental company aimed at primary schools) but by the weekend I was into last minute Christmas bits and bobs and by Monday there was no way I was doing any work.

The good news is that the missus bought me a CBT course. She knows I’ve been desperate to get onto two wheels for ages but has thus far been far too concerned that I might not be able to keep it rubber side down. We’ve agreed that we’ll try this, see how I like it and take it from there.

The kids were more than happy with their offerings (which were plentiful to say the least) and so a happy, if manic, Christmas was had by all.

Today was my day to get back into work – I’ve put the tree down (Bah! Humbug!) and all the complicated presents up. I dug out my pile of GCSE marking (only 45 pieces[!]), stared at them for a while and then watched The Hogfather for 3 hours. (It was very good BTW). Sent a few emails. Read a few more months of unnoficial Dilbert archives.

I’ll have to get started by tomorrow as I have 150 KS3 pupils to level, those 45 coursework submissions ot go through, a class-full of A-level coursework to mark, 45 Y11 reports top write and next term’s GCSE projects to prepare (1 class x database, 1 class x graphics, 1 class x PPT and half a dozen doing video editing).

And all needs to be done by Wednesday night, ready to hit the ground running on Thursday. Oh, and did that was just on the ‘essentials’ to-do list? There’s 3 more pages of stuff I’d *like* to get done.

Ho-hum. Aside from the coursework marking I’m looking reasonably forward to it – I just need to get the marking done first or it’ll never get there.

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