A personal challenge

I’m lazy.

Not in the sense that I never get anything done (although it sometimes feels that I’m running to keep still), but in the sense that I’ll do the things I want to at the expense of the others. For example I’ve spent this free period writing 2 blog entries (including this one), catching up on a few other blogs I’ve fallen behind with, sharing out my GNVQ Module 3 with another teacher and a couple of other small-ish jobs.

I genuinely feel they were all useful jobs, but I also have a pile of 15 completed GCSE projects sat next to me in need of marking (in my defence the pile was 6 projects higher this morning).

I really should be blogging more. I have lots of thoughts, feelings and opinions that I would like to both sort and share in equal measure (see my previous post about Why Teachers Blog). So, my publicly accountable challenge (accountable to all 6 of you!) is to blog at least 3 times a week. Hopefully that shouldn’t mean I end up talking about nothing but that I actually commit a reasonable proportion of thoughts to the digital page.

And this one doesn’t count.


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