The machine is us/ing us

A fantastic video is doing the rounds that sums up Web 2.0 almost perfectly.

I really fancy doing a short unit on Web 2.0 with my Y9 once they’ve done their KS3 summative tests at Easter although I’m not sure exactly what to do (particularly without access to Blogger, Flickr, YouTube, Delicious, etc, etc, etc…)


3 thoughts on “The machine is us/ing us

  1. That video’s great.

    I’m really lucky that our internet is barely filtered at all. MySpace and Facebook are blocked, but we have full access to Flickr, Blogger, etc. YouTube was blocked briefly, but the Media Studies dept got it unblocked, because they use it in lessons.

    Blogging, and Web 2.0 stuff generally, is on the A level syllabus, could that not get some sites unblocked?

  2. I could argue and push for some sites (eg. – with little real content) but the likes of Flickr and YouTube are never going to be opened up here – there’s just too much potential for misuse unfortunately.

    I can bypass the proxy for demos, but even when displaying Blogger last year and flicked through using the random button about 1/3 were ‘inappropriate’.

  3. We have life a bit easier, because we’re post-16, so we don’t have to be quite so restrictive.

    However, having been into schools to teach, blocking sites just means students waste valuable time finding ways past the blocks. They do learn a lot about Google’s cache and using versions of from different countries though. One Y11 had gone as far as setting up a cgi proxy on his home computer, which the kids were then using to access websites.

    I’d rather teach the students about being careful, rather than limiting their access; they can get on pr0n at home so they don’t need to use school PCs to acces it 🙂

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