Freeware App #2 – Blender

I’ve spent today on a number of projects, one of which was to have a crack at using Blender. It’s another open-source, cross platform package – this time a 3D modelling tool (apparently capable of animation as well although I haven’t got that far as yet).

It takes some getting to grips with and I can see KS3 struggling like mad, but it might be worthwhile to run it with some of the more able pupils and they can pick it up in their own time if they’re interested. I’d be fascinated to see what Art could do with this as well – a lot of the time was spent arranging the composition and lighting (although that doesn’t mean it’s actually any good!)

Having spent more than an hour on it I’ve got a few techniques under my belt (although I’m still having to refer to the tutorial I was using). Anyway, I’m quite impressed with my fully rendered and semi-transparent dice, no matter what the rest of you think.
NB: Click on the picture for a blown up version.



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