Freeware App #3 – NVu

Made with Nvu

NVu (pronounced N-View) is yet another free, open-source and cross platform package (this time released under the Mozilla Public License). I’ve long been a builder of web pages and web sites (although I would never call myself a web designer). The first 7 years of that consisted solely of working in Notepad which (IMHO) gave me a really good grounding in the basics. And then I discovered Dreamweaver and have used that pretty much ever since.

In Year 8 we introduce pupils to web design and the majority of schools use either Word/Publisher (I nearly fell over when I heard that one), Frontpage or Dreamweaver. Here we go for the latter, although the kids invariably find it quite difficult to get to grips with, and of course there are no opportunities to use it outside of school. So while it is a great, fully featured and professionally quality app it just isn’t right for us at the minute (again, IMHO).

So enter NVu – a remarkably similar application in some ways (the manage sites window, apart from having moved, works in an almost identical way AFAICT) . I think it looks a little simpler though. I’ll be honest and say I’ve yet to use it with a class, but I intend to next time unit 8.2 rolls around. If we can then switch the graphics to Gimp or Gimpshop (see a future post on those 2) then all we need is a replacement for Flash and we can save ourselves another expensive (if discounted) site license.

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