Edexcel GCSE Marking Spreadsheet

I’ve been teaching the Edexcel specification GCSE in ICT for almost 2 years now (erk!) and created a spreadsheet to help me mark it. I’ve been meaning to share it with a couple of colleagues at least and I thought that this might be a suitable platform.

It’s a bit ‘alpha’, but click onto the ‘Main Menu’ tab and change the names (you’ll have to start one cell above and use the cursor key to go down as the names are hyperlinks).

Anyone familiar with the spec should then find it straightforward to use – just traffic light the individual criteria and assign a mark for each section. The Overview page is a handy way of examing the class’ progress as a whole.

It’s currently limited to 15 pupils (simply because that’s my largest GCSE class size) but anyone competent enough to be teaching the course ought to be able to modify it sufficiently 😉

Edexcel GCSE ICT Marking Spreadsheet


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