Alive and kicking

I’m still here, I promise. I’ve just found it incfredibly hard to post lately.

Well, actually no, I’ve just found it incredibly easy not to post. I’ve certainly been busy between the parents’ evenings, the GCSE and A-level coursework deadlines and turnarounds as well as the KS3 testing regime we’re currently running through. Oh, and ther’s a crumb stuck under my ‘r’ key, so apologies if parts of this don’t make sense.

Anyway, I am still here and I do still have stuff to talk about.

I had a class use my room today! For the first time in a long time. It seems that people are afraid of booking the Mac suite for their lessons (and I’m planning on running some INSET to help change opinions on that) and so I very rarely have to share my room with anyone else.

When I do I always like to stick around (with permission, of course) and help out in order to make sure that the pupils, who are often seeing a Mac for the first time, have as positive an experience as possible. My crowning achievement was, as a load of kids moaned about how it ‘isn’t Windows’, a few of them were trying to figure out how to copy and paste an image from Safari into PowerPoint. Upon being shown how to simply drag and drop the image straight from the web page they were in awe!

Of course it all went awry when we had to try and copy their work from their machines onto the network space (something we can’t get fully integrated until our whopping new server arrives) and most of them left the room swearing never to touch a Mac again. Still, it was nice to have some fresh blood in here…


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