Almost there…

One more day to go until the Easter break.

It’s been a helluva term, particularly the last few weeks. I was struck down with the obligatory ‘end-of-term-virus’ about halfway through this half-term and it’s knocked the bejeezus out of me frankly.  I’ve just been constantly knackered. Having 4 exam classes, all with piles of coursework to get through hasn’t helped (technically I have 5 but I can’t whinge too much about my solitary Computing student, bless).

My first week off I’m away to sunny Skegness (luckily I have a carefully crafted pseudonym that none of the readers of this blog should know about, so I’m comfortable that my posessions will remain safe until my return). No laptop, no coursework, exactly what I need.

Of course the second week I’m back in school for 2 days running booster sessions and coursework catchup, not to mention that gargantuan pile of coursework to be trawled through in time for the exam boards’ deadlines.

Still, I wouldn’t change jobs for the world.  There must be something seriously wong with me 🙂


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