Despite the potential for a potential (although unlikely) legal battle over the use of a registered trademark my plan to get a pupil-led Podcast up and running has finally made it to a live website.

The Egglescliffe School Podcast Network was going to be a 3-4 weekly 40/45 minute show featuring a range of 5-15 minute slots. However, due to the long-ish lead times (pesky coursework and modular science exams getting in the way) some of the shows we have prepared are fast running out of date and so I made an executive decision, spent a bit of time setting up a WordPress/Podpress site and set the Podcast forth upon the world.

I’ve not configured the iTunes side of things just yet but we alreay have another 2 or 3 shows within sight (i.e. before the end of term). Of course that means we’ll be on hiatus for 6 weeks most likely but I’d rather get something out as soon as possible, especially since I’ve been battling setback after setback since Christmas trying to get the damn thing off the ground.

The scripting, recording and editing has been done entirely by the pupils (all in Years 9 & 10) and my only real physical input has been the website.

Check out the site (and the first show) at (easy to remember I know, a simple domain name redirect will follow in due course).

Please leave any comments there in the first instance, as the kids don’t know about this place and I’m sure they’d appreciate the feedback.

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