Freeware App #6 – Yacapaca

Yacapaca Logo

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before on here (I suspect not), but Yacapaca is great.

It’s an online assessment/quiz tool, totally free, run by Chalkface. You can import pupils quickly by simply copying and pasting lists from CSV, Word or Excel files and group them easily enough. You then set them a test or quiz (either from the huge list already available for many subject areas or a creation of your own), print a list of passwords and away they go.

A group of very clever people have devised a suite of KS3 questions aimed at assessing levels (from L2-L7) and you can get a class full of pupils to run through each test twice (with random questions so they won’t just get all the same questions again) inside an hour and then the really impressive bit begins.

You can track their results in real time and there is a wealth of analysis available. The screen I use most shows the % score for each test and a final level but you can also look at each pupils’ answer or analyse the answers for each question in order to look for common misconceptions or weaknesses.

It’s interesting to see pupils come from primary school with L4 or 5 and then score L2 or 3 and it’s certainly not a standalone solution (what is?) but it’s a useful way to baseline at pupils at the start of a KS. I’ve got a few more classes to run through and then I’m going to compare the data ot the English, Science and Maths baselines done by colleagues and I’m also hoping to compare (anonymous) data with some other schools – so if anyone else is using Yacapaca to baseline their Y7s then please let me know!

One thought on “Freeware App #6 – Yacapaca

  1. bainsyboy says:

    We use Yacapaca to baseline and have done for the last 3 years. It definitely produces “interesting” results and gives us good evidence about the pupils being less good at ICT than they are on paper. We have a similar intake to your school (I know as I once applied there a few years ago) but find that Y7 ICT ability is generally quite poor (lots of low L3s compared to L5s in EMS).

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