Why not to run an after school club on a Friday

It’s Friday. It’s almost half past four. I’ve had Year 9 pupils running through KS3 testing, 3 assemblies, 200+ students through my doors, various last minute headaches to solve, Y7 baseline assessments to analyse and ocrrelate against KS2 data and lots more besides.

And now I’m running the animation club. A club that started 3 years ago with lots of anticipation and enthusiasm. But now it’s Friday at the back end of September and the enthusiasm is a little lacking. I’m putting a brave face on, coming up with new ideas and encouragin the kids – but I’m knackered. In my head I’m home with a hot meal, a warm bath and something cool out of the fridge. Instead I’m sitting in my air-conditioned bastion of all things white (benches, Macs, keyboards, mice, ‘boards, paper – it’s like minimalist hell).

Maybe I would have been better picking a night where the occasional cancellation due to a meeting is inevitable – but at least I have more energy.

Ho hum, another lesson learned…

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