Nothing to do with education but it’s still worth a mention.

Now I don’t play many computer games these days – I just don’t have the time that most gsames require. For Portal, though, I made an exception.

Essentially a puzzle game the style is similar to a 3D shooter (it uses the Half Life engine and is made by the same people) but the only tool at your disposal is a ‘gun’ which can create two portals allowing you to reach otherwise inaccessable areas.  The most spectacular portions of the game occur when you have to dive from a great height through a portal in the floor, only to emerge from another portal sideways at great speed (conservation of momentum and all that). It’s hard to describe but fantastic (if headache inducing) fun.

The official 3D game also has a Flash based 2D version – so plenty of puzzles to enjoy. Warning – they’re both very addictive!

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