PDAs & Smartphones

I forget exactly how but I ended up with a sim-free XDA II PDA/phone about 4 years ago, and it’s spent about 3 years of that sat in a drawer. I dragged it back out about a month ago and have been using it to manage my increasingly complex diary, read the odd e-book and store a couple of amusing YouTube clips I’d collected. I’ve even just ordered a SIM card for it to replace my contract phone (which rarely sees more than a single text and phone call a day) and now I’ve gone and lost the bloody thing!

Asking around at work to see if it turns up (I suspect it fell out of my pocket as I was riding my bike home last night – in which case I’ve got no chance) my HoD offered some of the development budget to buy a new one.

Initially I said no as I didn’t think it right that the school should buy me a phone but then he got to talking about experimenting with something ‘more fancy’ to see if I can do something new with it.

Add to that my new post as Lead Creative Teacher in charge of blogging (and other Web2.0 stuff) and it got me thinking about actually using it as more than a gadget or simple calendar and being able to add something to the school.

So – what PDA/phones do you use? What for? How can I use a PDA effectively, innovatively and creatively? Any suggestions for specific models?

I have to say the N95 looks extremely tempting, but only if I can justify it (to myself even moreso than to the school).

Thoughts and opinions welcome…;


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