PDA Decision!

So, having played with a iPod Touch (far too media based, sadly – but very cool!) and an iPhone (I actually thought it was another iPod Touch at first) I’m definitely steering away from Apple.

So it came down to either a Nokia N800 (not a phone, Linux (Debian based) OS and around £175 ex. VAT) or an HTC P3450 Touch (’tis a phone, runs Windows Mobile 6 and is around £208 ex. Vat). It was a tough decision and I’m still not sure I shouldn’t have gone for a traditional Axim-like PDA but in the long term I can see SMT using VoIP as a cheap method of internal communication – maybe even IM’ing each other during tedious meetings!

Ultimately the HTC uses a tried and tested OS for which I know I can get the applications I need, plus I can use it as a phone when the need arises. I know it’ll work with Excel and Word and I know my existing PocketPC apps should install easily. The lack of knowledge about what software I can definitely get for the Nokia worries me enough to over-rule my idealism of running an open-source operating system.

So, assuming the order goes through, I’ll let you know how things work out.


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