How to blog

So, I’m now the resident blogging Tsar in school and as such I really ought to be getting pupils blogging. Just before we broke up for Christmas I got two of my Y7 classes to write an introductory blog post, having watched “Blogs in Plain English”. This week I also got a Year 8 class to do the same.

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In order to help those with weaker literacy skills, and to improve the general structure of the blog entries I’ve come up with a very basic writing frame:

  • What the post is about – a one sentence introduction
  • What happened – a description of the events
  • Why it mattered – how it made you feel, what it made you think, how your view/opinion/attitude changed

Has anyone come up with a better/more comprehensive guide or writing frame?

I’ve held everything in moderation for the time being so we can examine the quality and structure first, but the resulting posts will appear at the Blogs @ Egglescliffe site shortly and I hope you’ll offer comments and encouragement to the pupils.

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