iMedia Unit 1

OK, so following up from my training, here is my abridged tutor handbook for Level 2, Unit 1. Expect the other 7 in due course. I’ve included the key notes from what I was given plus notes I made myself during the day. Any inaccuracies are my own fault and if in doubt – check with Alison!!!

The guidance is provided in the order it might be delivered BEFORE the assessment (hence planning being at the end). There is no obligation to teach it that way and you certainly wouldn’t run the assessment in that order!

Unit 1: Digital Graphics

1a – Obtain source digital materials
Use a digital camera – applying new knowledge (e.g. framing, rule of thirds, etc.)
Make reference to those rules in the write-up
Take at least 6 photos
Describe how the camera controls were used (e.g. I used the optical zoom to get a close-up, I used the LCD screen to look at the photo and I could see it was out of focus), etc.
Include bitmap and vector graphics (e.g. add a shape or some text in a graphics package)

1b – Save the digital images
File formats, quality settings, filenames

2a – Use industry standard software
Flexible choice in reality – GIMP, Fireworks, PhotoShop, Serif, etc…

2b – Manipulate the images
Minimumm of 5 editing techniques – and explain WHY. Plenty of options to choose from

2c – Appropriate file format for the brief
300DPI for print OR 72DPI for web. Mention both but it will be easier to manage the project if you stick to graphics for the web. Tiff would be good for print (although not necessarily essential) and jpg/png/gif are all fine for the web. Again, explain why the choices were made.

3a – Plan to a specific brief
Identify photos to take. Consider lighting (‘I will try to take my photos on a sunny day’ will do), equipment, composition
Defined timescales. A gantt chart isn’t necessary but have some deadlines in place
Visualisation – storyboard, sketches, some demonstration of visually planning (A sketch of finished montage would do with placeholders

3b – Review against the original project brief
Get some feedback
Discuss constraints – e.g. I didn’t have access to an SLR camera, my 5MP camera phone didn’t have a flash, etc…
Indentify areas for improvement – composition, editing, etc.

On uploading the work, you must include the finished image as a separate file. An exemplar for Unit 1 can be found on the iMedia minisite.


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