Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Immigrants

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago the school, working with Creative Partnerships, has arranged for a refugee bus to turn up. It’s a trailer which is used as a stimulus for discussion about the various types of people that come to the country, the labels we give them, the impressions people have of them and the reasons they came here in the first place.

Being in a fairly affluent area we have a lot of ‘Daily Mail’ parents and a lot of low-level intolerance. We have very few problems of overt racial abuse but a lot of people with quiet prejudices bubbling away.

As part of the project I had a Year 8 class blog about what they thought a refugee was, and then again once they had been through the trailer to see how their impressions had changed. It was interesting to see that most of the pupils took to the whole project very well and I think some valuable learning has come out of it. Equally interesting were posts like this one which perhaps demonstrated slightly less in terms of long term improvements to the images people have.

Overall I think it’s been a very worthwhile project and I’ll certainly be looking to expand the range of ‘global’ topics I cover in ICT.


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