It’s not the right word, but I’m having a mental block. Settling, acceptance, being too focused on just getting coursework in on time and getting the exam classes prepared. Between that and feeling guilty for not completing my iMedia writeups here has kept me from posting for far too long. (Edit: Re-reading that it makes no sense, but hopefully you can figure out what I meant)

I feel a bit of reflection would be pretty useful at the minute. I’m starting to worry that I’ve lost that drive to self-evaluate every lesson in order to improve and started going through the motions of teaching a lesson and just moving on. I suppose it’s inevitable that a bit of that young, enthusiastic edge would wear down (young, fnaar) but I’m determined not to lose it entirely so self reflection begins again in earnest.

What have I found out during the hiatus?

  • Edexcel Applied ICT Unit 10 (multimedia – done in Flash) is hard work and we really need to get Flash going a lot earlier in the school. I need to get a Y7 unit put together for next year. (DJ Phillips – formerly of GCSEICT.com has a fantastic resource here)
  • Scratch is great. I’ve had classes making simple ‘dodge the ball’ games, car racing games, helicopter games – I’m going to get my iMedia group to make a version of Pong if I get time.
  • You can lead a Y10 class to enlightenment, but when you stick a video camera in their hands they’ll stick act like prats, forget the meaning of the word ‘continuity’ and somehow ‘forget’ to record half of their script (and that’s if they remember to take their script with them!).

It’s been hard work, but fun (the best way to be IMHO) and I was promoted to Asst. HoD last month (which means I’m either doing something right or I’m hiding it well). We’re also interviewing for a new colleague on Monday, should be fun!

Will write again soon, promise.


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