Seals and Pelts


We’ve had a lot of meetings recently about Seals and Pelts. No, we’re not setting up a new extra-curricular expedition but it seems the secondary curriculum is having an overhaul (note it’s no longer called the National Curriculum…). Apparently we could abandon Year 7 to a ‘transition’ year, merge our History and Geography departments or even abandon every Friday in favour of ‘project days’. We’ve decided to take the (mundane? sensible? I have my own opinion) approach of forging more cross-curricular links.

It’s something I’ve been trying to push now for a while, but now it’s an official policy and we’ve had ‘speed dating’ between heads of department in an attempt to set up something concrete. So in Year 7 our new intake will no longer present information on some arbitrary, made-up on the spot topic (Wild Facts). In Geography they are examining tropical rain forests so we’re doing Amazonian Wild Facts. Huzzah! (Sustainability and Global Dimension)

There are various other projects, but I’ll save those for another post. The chance to push forward the links I’ve been trying to make anyway is a real opportunity an I’m really excited about the possibilities that are opening up.


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