iMovie vs Adobe Premiere

Premiere screencap

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, we recently bought the Adobe CS3 MasterSuite for the entire site. It cost a fair few thousands but we get access to every Adobe package – Fireworks, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Soundbooth, Acrobat and Premiere Pro to name but a few.

On Thursday I filmed ‘Scoop’, the school dance group (troupe?), performing in the main hall and obviously needed to edit it. I started out with iMovie, the standard Mac movie editing package (think Windows Movie Maker with a few extra bells and whistles) – but found it tough going.

I needed a half hour crash course in Premiere from the drama/media techie who showed me the ropes but editing, particularly with multiple cameras, was a doddle.

The next decision is whether I attempt to use it with the Y10 iMedia class. I think they would struggle with the plethora of options, and I certainly don’t intend to throw it at them straight away. It’s worth a look though as it is far superior to the packages you get with Windows and OS X as standard.

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