There are a lot of ways to help students learn – chalk and talk, printed worksheets, online instructions, video tutorials…

And of course there are many bits of software to help create video tutorials. On a PC I really like Wink (freeware) and Adobe’s Captivate and Techsmith’s Camtasia (most definitely not free).

I’ve struggled for a long time to find a decent Mac alternative and discovered in this week in Flip 4 Mac’s Screenflow. At $99 it’s not free, but it is very reasonable in comparison to Captivate and Camtasia. What’s particularly good is you can record any combination of screen, iSight camera, microphone and system sound and then very simply add highlighting, zooming, blurring and opacity effects.

Within 70 seconds I had created a simple Flash tutorial, and 2 minutes later I had tweaked it and exported it (the content isn’t brilliant as no planning went into it – but you can watch it here if you’re interested*).

So all-in-all I’m impressed! All I need now is a plan and a few hours (and possibly a bit of Dutch courage) and I’ll be off.

* Yes, I know I need a haircut.


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