Scripts galore!

My Y10 iMedia class are working on the Video Editing unit (Unit 6). We have a couple of very short scripts provided by our head of Drama/Theatre Studies which are very good for introducing media language and such, but I’m not able to add to that repository myself. Having the students write their own script at this point is not what I’m after (although it will be) and so I set off to find some ready made examples.

Just a few short hours (!) later I came across SimplyScripts, a home for unproduced scripts, film scripts, TV scripts and more. I found literally hundreds of short scripts just ripe for the using. Of course I had to filter through a lot of inappropriate files (I know how it feels to deal with a publisher’s slush pile for a few hours) due to length, setting, tone, content, etc. but came up with 5 really good scripts to use (and I’m only up to the end of the Ds!).

A bloody useful resource I reckon.


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