Non-ICT related today.

P4C (or Community of Enquiry) is a way of getting kids to think and discuss issues in an organised way. They sit in a circle, you provide a stimulus and they come up with a philosophical (or simply ‘big’) question to discuss. There is (of course) a lot more to it than that and having run 3 or 4 P4C lessons over the last 2 years I have enjoyed the experience.

So, in my citizenship lesson next week (which is being observed, yay!), I’m running a P4C lesson for my Y10 form class on the topic of conflict. I have 3 images I am considering as a stimulus – the key to which is choosing something that will lead to a GOOD question (my use of a train decorated beautifully with graffiti led to a rousing endorsement of street art – but no discussion at all) and without pushing my opinions onto the students. So here are my 3 candidates:

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3

Option 1 is probably too humorous, but something about it appeals to me. Option 2 is quite shocking (good) but may lead straight to ‘war is bad’, which is not a productive discussion. Option 3 has a lot of relevance as it affects British civillians but there are so many possibilities I’ll end up disappointed at all the ones they’ll miss.
Any thoughts or opinions? I’ll let you know how it goes…


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