Scratch Tutorials

Scratch Tutorials

I’m preparing some resources for a Scratch Scheme of Work for Year 7. The one I made last year was OK, but a bit uninspiring and I’d like to be able to have non-specialists walking through it without too much hassle.

I’ve been a bit brave and gone for a narrated video tutorial. I’m not 100% certain that this is the best way but I’m sure the students get sick of PDFs, handouts and chalk & talk so here goes.

My questions (and of course there are always some) are:

  • Will the inclusion of me in the video stream a) add some more visual cues/realism or b) cause much giggling distraction and general silliness?
  • Is a video introduction suitable for a 3 minute video to show on a whiteboard for situations where headphones aren’t available?
  • Should I go back to one of my other methods?
  • Is my haircut better than it was on the last video I shoved up here?

Addendum: I know I forgot to put a title on the page, so you don’t need to tell me that 😀

One thought on “Scratch Tutorials

  1. Seen many screen recordings and many more teacher made ones. I think this is one of the best. At first I was not sure about seeing a person talk at the same time but this definately worked for me and I’m going to try this when I next make a similar video. Incidentally I think your site is very good and it’s nice to be able to tip my hat to a fellow creative teacher. Keep it up. Got the link from the TES forum btw.

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