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So Friday was the end of term – yay! Lots of excitement and we all got to go home for the holidays. What could be better? And I spent most of Friday night FINALLY finishing the editing of the school play (well, the first half – the rest of the footage is on a hard drive at school) and most of Saturday getting started on my next big project.

I’ve been into video editing for a long time on a very casual basis and have now been teaching it for two years as part of iMedia. A colleague of mine elsewhere gave me the idea of training up kids to film and edit school productions themselves and the PE department came to see me about starting a Sports Journalism course involving (amongst other things) filming and commenting on sports matches.

When I mentioned this to the media tech he mentioned that he had been offered some second hand TV studio equipment and the HoD is keen to get something in place so that when we get the inevitable recommendation from some know-it-all with the Local Authority we can smugly wave our hands in the general direction of our mobile studio.

So, I’ve made some logos, planned some shows, started identifying suitable candidates to work on the technical side of things (drama should be able to dig up the on-screen talent) and created the YouTube channel in readiness.

You can’t beat the Christmas holidays!

It’s an ambitious plan but there are several staff interested in it and I’ve mentioned it publicly in a few places (which always helps my own momentum) so I’ll let you know how it goes!

Oh – any recommendations for distribution? I’m thinking WordPress/Podpress/RSS in a Podcast style but am open to suggestions and advice.


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