Things to do


I suppose it seems seasonal, but that isn’t my motivation – I just have that many jobs to do right now (and you can guess which path through the above flowchart I’ve taken to obtain them) I thought it might be useful to list them.

So, in no particular order:

  • School TV station
    – work with media Tech to set up a functioning TV recording studio
    – write a suitable addendum to the ‘digital images’ permissions letter sent to all parents
    – find, recruit and train students in filming, editing and publishing digital footage of events
  • KS3 ICT
    – Complete schemes of work, resources and lesson plans for updated units making use of Scratch, Alice, WMM/iMovie & Flash
  • A-Level Computing
    – Collate interested parties – so far we’re up to 4 students without me having pushed it at all. Aim for 6-8.
  • KS4 ICT
    – Catch up with marking *ahem*
  • KS5 ICT
    – Catch up with marking *double ahem*
  • After School Computing Club
    – Do more to learn ActionScript properly.
    – Remember to put time and place on the school bulletin this week!
  • Blogging
    – Identify, recruit and enable students to blog about the various goings on in the school (to include at least music, drama, PE, library and any extra-curricular groups).
  • Moodle Forums
    – Promote student support forums amongst general populus (i.e. not just the three geeks that have discovered them independently and only post about PHP problems)
  • Social Life
    – Who am I kidding?

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