What Stephen Fry had for dinner

As bizarre as it sounds and as cliched as I know it makes me, I’m really getting into Twitter.

There’s lots of talk on the TV apparently (although I’ve heard about it all second hand) and now I have a small but effective group of followees (people whose posts I get to see) I’m picking up on all sorts of new technolgies, software and websites. I’m blanning on adding some to my sidebar.

I can’t recommend it enough, and Tweetdeck even picks up my system proxy so I can continue to follow the goings on at work (this may turn out to be a very, very bad thing). I’ve already discovered Tikatok and Kerpoof amongst other things (including an amazing stop-motion video – the platform game and fall in the middle was brilliantly done IMO).

If you do decide to join (or are already a Tweeter) then make sure to say hello.

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