Been a long day

This is categorised this under rants but it’s really more of a moan. Feel free to skip it if you;re in a good mood πŸ™‚

Where to start? On Wednesday the Head of Science asked me to put some stuff on the school website. I said fine and shoved the paper into my inside pocket – my rolling To-Do list. I had a free this morning where I planned to get the job done but my inside pocket was bare! Had a frantic search through classroom, staffroom, jacket, coat, bag – nothing. Not a fantastic start to the day.

Then our VLE (hosted internally) decided to stop working for students (but not staff). Bit of frantic running around, problem diagnosed as an internal firewall error – something to do with certificates.

Next I had my horrible Y10 class. We’ve been doing Unit 6 of iMedia, which involves small groups going out and filming. Their behaviour is so poor that I don’t feel I can trust them – twice I’ve had a group disappear for half an hour and I’m not about to jeopardise my career for them. I’m on my own so can’t have a second body supervising. HoD and I have a few ideas but until then we’re treading water.

Bumped into the Head next, and got a chewing out because a member of the dept. hadn’t completed some paperwork relating to KS3. As the KS3 ICT guy I bore the brunt of it. This got to me quite a lot, partly because I’m not used to being told off and partly because I’d been doing most of the Asst. HoD job for a while before my promotion. Since then I’ve carried on as normal, with the exception of being an NQT mentor. This was the first time it really hit home that I have more ‘buck stops here’ responsibilities – it’s less casual than it was. I’m not used to the idea of being a manager – but I guess I have to be.

At lunchtime my HoD reminded me I had a lesson observation after lunch and I had 15 minutes to write a lesson plan, prepare a presentation to guide through the lesson and get to registration. After the lesson I got quick feedback that said ‘fine, a grade 2 (very good), and to improve you need to watch during chalk/talk time – too many of the kids were turning back to fiddle with the computers’. Now that isn’t a bad observation, but you can guess which one of those three bits of feedback has stuck most. Not a bad thing, really, but it all adds up.

What else – after hours this week playing WPMU, setting up themes, hacking at the PHP, writing an AUP, etc. my HoD turns to me and says he thinks it would be better to just use the blogging features in Mahara.

A few other annoying things went on too and it all feels like it’s built into a fairly crappy day, all things considered. I did warn you this was going to be a whine.

Never mind, I stuck some beers in the fridge when I got home and they should be just about reay to drink by now.

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