How much do I love Spotify?


Another recent find for me is the online music provider Spotify.

Recently in the headlines because a small number of record companies have pulled out, I think, they offer the opportunity to listen to music online. A quick search provided me with Scarlatti, Handel, Faith No More, Jools Holland, Pop Will Eat Itself, Belle & Sebastian, Carter USM – but no Metallica or Beatles.

You need to register and download client (Win/Mac only AFAIK) and a world if music is available for free (with a short advert every 5 tracks or so – no worse than listening to commercial radio in the UK). You can pay £10 a month to remove the ads, or less for a 24 hour pass (for a party, maybe) but they don’t bother me so much and I’m tight 😀

Not necessarily that educational, although it could lead to discussions on piracy, copyright law, changing distribution methods, etc… Or you could just use it for its own sake.

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