My favourite tools

Prezi Preview

This blog post, along with a whole range of discussions I’ve had of late led me to realise that simply tagging sites in Delicious was not going to be enough to let me find my favourite sites.

I was also dying for an excuse to play with Prezi – quite possibly the coolest presentatin tool I have ever seen.

So, I set up my screencast recorder and spent an hour(1) creating my first proper Prezi presentation. The plan was to include a compressed-time video of how I did it as well but Screenflow crashed. Harumph.

Please feed back with all of the wonderful sites I’ve missed – although I can promise to add only the ones I intend to use rather than attempting to keep a comprehensive list of everything out there!

(1) That’s about 10 minutes of adding content, 10 minutes of arranging and 40 minutes of faffing.

Edit: Very quick instructions for Prezi. Use the the ‘tab’ key or the right and left arrows to go forward and backward through the ‘scripted’ order, but feel free to zoom (scroll wheel), examine (click on objects/hyperlinks) and explore by yourself too.


3 thoughts on “My favourite tools

  1. Renman says:

    I have to say, it looks very cool, if not slightly bewildering. I think that the kids will love it. Would I personally use, problably not, but it would be an interesting lesson to teach. I may try it.

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