Glutton for punishment or a terminal procrastinator?

I’m not sure why I do it1. In recent weeks I have:

  • spent an entire day signing every pupil in the school up to the World Maths Day website and collating the maths sets so that password can be distributed
  • created Wordle quizzes based on the text from famous books for World Book Day, along with an online quiz using a Google Form which I still haven’t marked
  • recorded around a dozen Moodle screencasts for my colleagues
  • created resources for a Y9 options evening tomorrow
  • set up an interactive (Google) calendar for the school website
  • made a variety of subtle, but time consuming, alterations to the school website (you update an old logo and find the page it links to is subsequently out of date, and so you have to rewrite a whole page of text…)
  • attempted to enter into negotiations with a major film studio over the use of 50 seconds of soundtrack
  • co-created a wiki about copyright implications in education
  • installed, edited, tweaked, hacked, advertised, recruited for and moderated a school-wide blog

And yesterday I decided that the visiting Cafe Scientifique visitor ought to be recorded and podcasted, rather than simply blogged about.

So here I sit, at 11:10pm, devising disclaimers for our guests to fill in, trying to work out whether I can use PodPress with a WPMU installation, worrying that the media tech returns the mixing desk tomorrow as promised – and I’ve yet to actually do any of the curriculum planning or marking that i need to get done for tomorrow.

Oh, and I had an idea today to gather some obsolete laptops and start a school Linux User Group.

I think I need a Time Turner…

1 Of course I know why I do it. I love doing it!


3 thoughts on “Glutton for punishment or a terminal procrastinator?

  1. Great post … it is SO resonant for me of the life of all dedicated teachers/educators. There is a whole life’s worth of work done in between the so-called ‘main’ work for which they are employed, ie teaching classes.

    One day I’d love to see a long term medical study done of the kidney health of teachers, as I think it’s the only profession other than childcare workers where you can suddenly realise at 4.00 pm you are bursting to go to the loo and have been since recess, but just haven’t had time. 😉

  2. renman says:

    It would be great if this was the main focus of our job. I got asked yesterday to write a flash to do graphs, as NQT I deflected. But it’s daft stuff like graphics, to knock out a graphic is quick and easy, but it’s the endless back and forwards fixing it that takes the time!

    I think as well it is what you “volunteer for, I know a number of teachers who do “what is required” and that is good, but I think i’m a bit like you, i see stuff and go for it. Probably to my own burnout!!

  3. Hi Hippy

    Please consider coming to our free British Council event in Birmingham on March 27 – see for the programme.

    If you can stay on till 4pm and participate in a consultation that is about using ICT for real and relevant global learning – flagged as ISA- The Future – please do register for the event and email me to let me know you are coming. I will be able to reimburse travel costs.


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