Public Speaking

Here’s a new one. The kid who nearly fainted at the prospect of giving a paired talk to 20 other pupils back in Year 10 (not helped when I dropped my cue cards and picked them up in the wrong order – and my partner had a pronounced stammer) not only got into a career where he has to stand up at talk in front of dozens (hundreds, during assemblies) of people every day – now he’s gone and booked himself a gig taking a 15 minute conference session!

Oh. Dear. God. What have I done? Actually, I know perfectly well what I have done – I said yes before I had time to seriously consider it, it was the only way.

Now I’ve never been to a conference, not even as a delegate. So I’ve never seen a 15 minute session before. What the hell do I do? Watching TED Talks hasn’t helped, I now want to curl up in a foetal ball until the world goes away as I’ll never live up to that standard!

The topic is ‘collaboration’ and I think I’ll start with Google Docs (showing my ‘Techy Tips…‘ presentation) and having seen this amazing piece of work, I think I might go on to VoiceThread.

There are also blogs, wikis, etherpad, twiddla, collaborative mind maps, posterous, delicious, diigo, collaboration for students, collaboration for teachers… – but I only have 15 minutes and don’t want to overwhelm people.

Maybe I should get some students to make a ‘collaboration in plain english’ video 😀

Anyways – ideas, help, support, platitudes, cliches and offers of rehabilitation after the event would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime I feel the need for a good lie down.


2 thoughts on “Public Speaking

  1. 4goggas says:

    Mark, I know the feeling! I think you’ll be good at this, but you need to talk about something you’re most comfortable with. I realised that although Voice Thread is amazing – demoing the setup was a little of a nightmare to non tech teachers. But these will be tech people? You did an etherpad eg which worked well, but is a little ‘bland’ looking compared to all the bright shiny stuff out there. Google docs is good, I find Diigo quick and effective for collaboration and@dajbelshaw likes Posterous, but I’m unsure of it.

    Link to the #area6ict wiki might be useful to you as well. Apologies if you already have it. Oh, and I should be marking too… :0)

    Tkae care


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