Late to the game?

Following a very hectic week last week I am positively enthused with a vast array of ideas laid out before me. Writing this blog helps me enormously in terms of reflecting upon and describing my ideas in a way that makes it easier for me to recall them, understand them and refine them. But, I have been posting quite a lot over the past few days though and didn’t want to flood the blog with daily posts. Instead, I decided to have a go and putting my thoughts down in a MindMap – specifically, using MindMeister.

I found it to be an incredibly cathartic and useful exercise and my thoughts on the topics at hand are now much clearer. And what struck me was that I have never really used a mindmap before! I’ve been forced into doing a couple at school, but have never really used them as a way of keeping my own thoughts and ideas in order.

This, of course, led me to the idea of using mindmaps in better ways with my students. We get them into to create a planning document for some of the larger projects – but it would be nice to spend a little time comparing tools and techniques, followed by students actually using a mindmap for something a little more significant. It ties in with a lot of the independent learning that isn’t really going on in education right now. (Point me to a staffroom where nobody whinge about students being spoon-fed). There are also the collaborative and creative sides to mind-mapping.

In terms of tools – you have

  • hand-drawn mindmaps
  • online apps such as Mindmeister, Mind42 and
  • desktop apps such as Freemind
  • online & offline apps auch as Xmind

So I think I’ll get some of my Y7, Y9 and probably Y12 & 13 students looking at mind maps in the new academic year. I’ll let you know how I get on…

Feel free to have a look at the resultant mindmap for yourself.


One thought on “Late to the game?

  1. I use 2 products – one called Openmind ((now called MindView I think) from a company called Matchware. A really excellent product with some fantastic options – not least ability to pouput to Word, HTMl (ie builds a complete website including navigation etc), ppt (great for planning presentations) and flash. Not cheep but really worth spending out if you’re into this.

    The other product is Mind42 – this has now been incorporated into the swgfl learning platform ‘Merlin’. Allows real time collaboration – not so user friendly to use but the collaboration feature is great.

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