Google Sketchup Across The Curriculum

Teachmeet is an incredible movement, whereby teachers meet up (in case that much wasn’t clear) in their own time to discuss ideas, practices, experiences and disasters. Presentations are limited to 7 minutes (micro presentation) or 2 minutes (nano presentation).

The first ever online Teachmeet is occurring this Sunday (6th December 2009) and you can catch the whole thing live from 7 – 9 GMT or watch any and all of the presentations at a later date if you need to.

My presentation is all about using Google Sketchup no matter what subject you teach, and if you think you can find a subject where you *couldn’t* use Sketchup then drop me a line and I’ll do my best to prove you a liar 🙂

Google Sketchup FTW from Mark Clarkson on Vimeo.

Edit: James Greenwood sent me this link with a whole host of Sketchup related resources, so check them out.


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