The morning after the night before

So, last night was the inaugural Teachmeet EdTechRoundUp and quite possibly the first online only Teachmeet (if you missed it, you can watch a replay of the whole thing or there are links to individual blog posts and presentations).

I had the privilege of being amongst the contributors for the evening and saw what was going on behind the scenes, from the weeks-long build up to the technical gubbins during the evening itself.

Dai Barnes and Doug Belshaw did most of the hard work, with Doug’s machine broadcasting a live feed of the events through and the pair of them doing a grand impersonation of Ant and Dec – filling where necessary and being managing the segues between presentations as well as the feedback via Twitter.

I could see upwards of 75 people watching live in the channel as well as 15 or so contributors in the Flashmeeting plus lots of Twitter feedback this morning suggesting many more are catching up after the event – making it one of the largest Teachmeets so far (I believe).

I’ve been to one ‘IRL’ flashmeeting before now and enjoyed it immensely, not just for the presentations (although they were brill) but also for the opportunity actually meet people face to face – some of whom I know from Twitter and many of whom I had never heard of. So while this Teachmeet was very successful and did give me a lot of good ideas, I don’t think it will ever replace the conventional unconference (if that’s not an oxymoron). Variety in all things is a pretty good maxim, and I’m already looking forward to the next one. I’ll just have to remember not to upload my presentation to Vimeo and to find my stuffed camel beforehand…


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