Fitting it all in

Image courtesy of photographer padawan *(xava du)

When I first started teaching, I quickly realised that the academic procedure of draft, redraft and produce a finished, polished document is rarely achievable in the real world. Nowadays most documents I create are draft, scan through and move on – there simply isn’t time to do everything.

That was fine for the first 5 years of teaching; producing resources, writing student reports, documenting evidence for performance management. Alongside my extra-curricular clubs and CPD I seemed to be managing OK.

The problem I have now is that I’m being pulled in several directions. Through my iMedia and animation work I’m being pulled down the creative route. Through my experience and passion for coding I’m being pulled down the Computing route. Through my desire to get students confident and proficient with everyday tasks I’m pulled down the tradition ICT route. Through my desire to support other teachers in their use of ICT I’m pulled down the ICT champion route.

The problem I find myself facing, is do I continue to try and carry out all of my roles without specialising, or do I choose 1 or 2 to put a heavy focus on? As I get drawn into organising TeachMeets, setting up a portable TV studio, pushing hard through the general curricular stuff, trying to implement a new Computing GCSE, writing up ‘Techy Tips’ newsletters, sharing resources online and much more I find myself increasingly struggling to get it all done. And report writing season hasn’t started yet!

Looking back to the first paragraph, I can’t cut out any drafts in order to speed things up. I either specialise and sacrifice some of my work in other directions, or continue treading water and struggle to find the time to commit. Neither of which I’m entirely happy with…


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