Conference presentation: Clouding The Issue

Having been contacted by the lovely people at @LearnTechDurham to speak at their BlackBoard User’s Conference I’ve planned a very practical demonstration of some of the non-VLE related online tools I’ve been using over the past year or two.

Being a belt & braces kind of person though, I’ve also created a Prezi presentation to use just in case everything else fails. I doubt I’ll get through all of the content here in 25 minutes (+ 20 min Q&A) and I know I’ve left some good tools off, but they’re all tools that I’ve at least tried and have some faith in.

4 thoughts on “Conference presentation: Clouding The Issue

  1. Kerry says:

    Excellent work Mark! A neat combination of many very useful tools presented in a clear, visual format. Most of us using web 2.0 in teaching will have made use of these, but presented in this fashion they do give a good idea of the range of tools teachers have available for use now. Your prezi compounds the need to give a good old ‘heave ho’ to the theory that sticking with Office tools in education is the only way to ‘do’ ICT. Once again, I’m nicking this piece of work! :0)

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