Time to move out?


I’ve been using Edublogs to host this blog since October 2006 (almost 3 and a half years!) and a couple of people have recently asked why I’m still using them.

The truth is it’s probably 60% habit and 40% avoidance of hassle plus having to redirect people to any new hosting solution. On the other hand, the adverts, nag screens ever-approaching image-hosting limit and lack of customisation are all motives for moving on.

In particular it’s definitely time to sort out my categories (as my focus has shifted massively since my M2 year!) and a redesign is probably long overdue. This I could do here easily enough, but maybe it’s time for a fresh start…

I’m not really wanting to spend any money on hosting, so as I see it I have a couple of options:

  1. Leave things as they are
  2. Install yet another PHP/MySQL CMS on the school webserver and redirect
  3. Use WordPress.com
  4. Something else…

I already host 2 Moodles on there that aren’t strictly part of my schoolwork (although I do consider them helpful as part of my CPD) and don’t want to overload bandwidth or annoy TPTB if I can help it.

Thoughts, as always, very welcome!

3 thoughts on “Time to move out?

  1. I moved last month from Blogger (with a custom domain name) to self-hosted wordpress. (I pay approx £2 for the hosting on a monthly basis btw) and I can’t say I gained a lot more features apart from control.
    I have more choice over theme layout and can install my own plugins (mostly related to broken links and extra analytics) which I didn’t have on blogger.
    I prefer the wordpress hosting because it looks more professional but there are many ways you can tart up a Blogger blog to make it look quite good. WordPress.com etc you will end up paying for if you want custom domains etc – and so self hosting becomes a better option.

  2. I moved from WordPress.com to running my blog from my own domain, installing the full version of WordPress, and I think it is the perfect blog solution. IMHO it gives the right balance between maximum control and minimum technical hassle.

    Some brief details about my move here http://www.cunniman.net/?p=176 but in short I went with CS New Media for £30 per year which I think is pretty decent.

    Hope that’s of interest…


  3. Your best bet is probably to register your own domain name and get the cheapest hosting you can. It’s not that expensive and worth it in the long run. You can then use that domain to redirect wherever you want to send people and never worry about having to change your contact details again.

    For example, set your own domain/hosting to redirect to a free account at wordpress.com for the time being. If you can get on with the wordpress CMS it’s a piece of cake to install it at your own hosting sometime in the future and then import your blog from the wordpress account.

    Otherwise you can use the redirect to point wherever you choose in the future; either here, blogger, school website…etc.

    If you want a host recommendation, I’ve been using UKWebSolutionsDirect.com for about seven years, their cheapest package is about £30 a year for hosting and £10 for domain registration. They provide all sorts of web apps for free with easy install, including phpBB, WordPress and Moodle.

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