An Introduction To Python

I’ve been offline for much of the last month, but I’ve not been doing nothing.

Next year (and quite possible for the latter stages of this year) I am likely to be running the new OCR pilot of the first GCSE Computing course in living memory.

The decision was taken to use Python as the language of choice and, not having any experience of Python, I’ve spent the last fortnight learning the language and writing a guide / workbook / printable resource for the students.

My 3rd draft is now available at scribd, and all things being well should also be shown below.

Feedback is, of course, more than welcome. And the document it itself can be printed for your own use should you wish.

Introduction to Python (3rd Draft)

4 thoughts on “An Introduction To Python

  1. N Pandya says:

    Thank you for this, I have downloaded it and intend to use it with our Computing cohort too. As many as 45 pupils have signed up for this new GCSE and we are all very excited about delivering it!

  2. tonyk says:

    Hi Mark

    I am thinking of doing the pilot as well, so I was wondering why you chose python, what others you ruled out and why. I have no real prgramming skillsand I have seen the thread on TES and besides being emmotive it is also less than conclusive!!


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