Balancing Act

Image courtesy of cobalt

Image courtesy of Cobalt

The more observant amongst you will have noticed that I’ve not been posting on my blog much of late – in fact my last post was over 2 months ago!

A large part of the reason for that is my newfound version of a work-life balance. It wasn’t a conscious decision to cut back on the number of hours I spend tippy tapping away at a keyboard, but I have spent an awful lot of time in the past doing just that.

Instead, Im spending at least one day out of every weekend unplugged from my laptop and the only reason I do come back to it is to upload the (usually hundreds of) pictures I’ve taken of the day.

So – I am still here, I am still teaching, I am still creating and updating resources at Mukoku and I will carry on blogging. I’m just not going to guarantee it’ll be every week.

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