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Those who haven’t come across the Computing At School group (CAS) might be surprised to know that there is a collection of people from the chalkface, industry, HE and elsewhere, all of whom are pushing for Computing to gain a higher status in schools. CAS has recently formed a strategic partnership with BCS (the British Computing Society) and is receiving significant support from Microsoft Research.

The support they can offer could be in the KS1-3 provision, qualifications at KS4 and 5, CPD for staff or even just providing sound bites for staff to use with SMT. There are lots of plans afoot – some of which have already come to fruition – including a Body of Knowledge (BOK), CPD sessions, an annual conference, even a subject association.

As well as the annual conference there are a number of regional hubs, the newest of which is going to be in Teesside with the first meeting before Christmas.

My agenda for being involved with CAS is to get and share ideas for moving the ICT curriculum at KS3 more towards an ICT & Computing curriculum as well as supporting the teaching of GCSE and AS Computing further up the school. Whatever YOUR agenda, if you’re interested in Computing at any level then I can’t encourage you enough to check it out.


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