Delegating Responsibly

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One of the things I have found hardest this year is having people beneath me in the chain of command. I’ve had people alongside me and we’ve shared jobs out, but I’ve never been in the position of having to actively delegate and decide who will do what.

We have a new ICT Teaching Assistant this year and, as well as now being responsible for two teaching staff as Head of Curricular ICT, I also have to delegate jobs to the TA. And I find it very difficult to do that – I always think that if a job needs doing that it shouldn’t be ‘beneath me’ and so I should just do it myself.

The same applies to photocopying and the use of admin staff. I don’t want to demean them by giving them trivial jobs and so I do it myself most of the time (although I leave the technical stuff, like laminating, to the experts).

What I have realised, of course, is that if I don’t make good use of the admin staff, and of our TA, then there is no point in having them. Worse still, if I don’t delegate tasks to them then they can’t develop their own careers and skills. I need to be realistic about it. I don’t think that creating a display of photo techniques is menial or trivial – I just don’t have the time or the visual literacy to do a good job of it myself.

So today, I delegated some more tasks – tasks that I don’t mind doing, but tasks that are not directly related to teaching and learning (or learning and progress…) and tasks that take up time I could spend doing other things – like the marking that I’m avoiding right now 🙂


3 thoughts on “Delegating Responsibly

  1. ElMoro says:

    How do I access the GCSE computing resources on Mukoku?
    Do you know if it is possible to enter for GCSE computing as a private candidate?

    • Hello, the GCSE Computing section is closed largely because I haven’t had chance to put a lot of content in there yet. It’s on the list of jobs, I promise. It’s just quite a long list.

      I don’t know if OCR will allow private candidates for Computing, but I know that none allow it for ICT and with there being a large portion of Controlled Assessment I would be surprised. Your best bet would be to approach a local FE college I suspect.

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