Computing At School – Update

Alan Turing

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Having just got home from a 2-day working group meeting of the Computing At School I am incredibly pleased with how the day went. We had a cameo from Professor Chris Bishop as well as representation from Microsoft, Google, BCS, Vital, schools, universities, ITT providers and more.

As well as the work we got done, there was a real sense of enthusiasm and opportunity to do some pretty wonderful things – particularly from KS1 to KS3, areas that are easy to overlook.

One enormous realisation for me is just how much stock Microsoft, Google and BCS are putting into Computing as a discipline and Computing At School as a movement. As well as a significant amount of funding, these organisations are prepared to give both their names and some really key members of staff in aid of CAS and this level of commitment can only be massively positive.

The news there is a little vague, but at the summer CAS Conference (June 24th), much of it should become clear.


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